The Finishing Touch


Your choice of handles can beautifully complement your kitchen units and enhance your design. Build My Kitchen has a wide range of handles available, all of which can transform your kitchen and come in various finishes to match your style.

Our Handle Range

1909 Bar Handle

The selection of bar handles from 1909 are extremely sophisticated, and can add a modern touch to any kitchen design through the simple yet impressive shape and finish.

1909 Cup Handle

For a traditional touch to your stunning kitchen design, the cup handles offer elegance that defines your design and has a striking presence.

1909 D Handle

A D handle can add a touch of functionality as well as style, and comes in various different finishes to ensure you can find the perfect match for your design.

1909 Door Knob

A simplistic yet striking finish to your kitchen cabinets can be provide through the 1909 range of doorknobs, available in chrome, antique bronze effect and more.

1909 Knurled Bar Handle

Make a statement with the knurled stainless steel bar handle, available in two different sizes to define your design by adding personality and functionality.

1909 Knurled Knob

The knurled knob from 1909 offers a simplistic design with functionality, as the design allows you to hold the handle without losing grip.

1909 Knurled T-Bar Handle

Available in a matt black and antique bronze effect, the knurled T-bar handle is perfect for adding to your traditional or modern kitchen design.

1909 Latch Handle

Available in antique bronze effect, the latch handle offers a secure and traditional touch to your design, ideal for families with younger members.

1909 T-Bar Handle

An elegant and sophisticated handle design can be incorporated into your kitchen with the stunning T-bar handles, coming in various designs and finishes to suit your style.

Second Nature Bar Handle

When opting for a bar handle, there are various designs to choose from, such as a stainless steel pole or a square-like design to add definition.

Second Nature Boss Handle

The Second Nature boss handle provides you with a clean and sophisticated touch to your kitchen design, perfect for modern kitchen styles.

Second Nature Bow Handle

The bow handle offers a touch of elegance as the handle gently curves for a sophisticated and modern addition to your kitchen.

Second Nature Cup Handle

Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen design, then cup handles by Second Nature can provide you with definition and character.

Second Nature D Handle

Add a block design to your kitchen while ensuring that the eye isn't taken away from the rest of your design, with a stunning D handle from Second Nature.

Second Nature Door Knob

A door knob with a stunning Zamak Pewter finish can help to enhance your traditional kitchen design, and can be perfectly paired with your Second Nature units.

Second Nature Drop Handle

Drop handles are a stunning feature to add into your kitchen, and can provide you with a statement piece that creates a focal point in your kitchen design.

Second Nature Flat Handle

A smooth and elegant addition to your kitchen design can be introduced through the array of flat handle styles by Second Nature.

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