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Extractor Fans & Hoods

Every part of your kitchen can be made bespoke to your needs, including the extractor hoods, allowing you to hide the extractor or make it a prominent feature within your design.

Our Extractor Fans

Bosch Ceiling Hoods

Create a statement with the Bosch ceiling hoods, perfectly fitting in with various different styles and requirements.

Bosch Integrated Hoods

A more discreet way of incorporating your ventilation system into your design, allowing you to add more features, is the Bosch integrated hoods.

Bosch Wall Mounted Hoods

Available in various different finishes and designs, the Bosch wall mounted hoods allow you to make a feature out of your extractor.

Neff Ceiling Hoods

The Neff ceiling hoods can be installed anywhere in your kitchen to provide professional and high-quality ventilation within your design.

Neff Integrated Hoods

Your extractor can be hidden among your kitchen units or furnishings with the excellently designed Neff integrated hoods.

Neff Wall Mounted Hoods

Advanced technology is incorporated into the design of the Neff wall mount hoods, ensuring that smells and steam are extracted from the kitchen while cooking.

Siemens Ceiling Hoods

Choose from various ceiling hood styles, such as the island chimney that makes a statement, or the flat hood to discreetly hide the extractor.

Siemens Wall Mounted Hoods

Siemens has designed a wall-mounted hood that adds elegance to your kitchen design with black glass and matching chrome lines.

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