Safe & Stylish Cooking


Our range of hobs allows you to find the perfect one for your needs, whether that be a stylish gas hob or a safe induction hob, we have the perfect design suited to you.

Our Hobs

Bosch Domino Hobs

Design the perfect surface for your cooking with a range of models, sizes and styles available with the Bosch domino hobs.

Bosch Electric Hobs

Versatile and easy to use, the Bosch electric hobs offer you a stylish way to introduce some powerful cooking into the kitchen.

Bosch Gas Hobs

Add a beautiful touch to your kitchen design with the stunning Bosch gas hobs, available with up to five burners.

Bosch Induction Hobs

Speed up waiting times with the Bosch induction hobs, providing quicker heating and the option of integrated ventilation and more.

Bosch Vented Hobs

Including a built-in ventilation system, then Bosch vented hobs allow you to cook your meals while steam and smells are sucked into the vents.

Neff Domino Hobs

Create a bespoke hob with a section of Neff’s domino hobs, available in gas, electric and induction for multiple style choices.

Neff Vented Hobs

Bring some luxury into the kitchen with the new Neff Vented hobs, combining two appliances in one high-end design.

Siemens Domino Hobs

Combine two of your favourite designs with the Siemens domino hobs, allowing you to create a bespoke hob with gas and electric features.

Siemens Electric Hobs

Precise control of temperature couldn’t be easier than with the touch slider function on our range of Siemens electric hobs.

Siemens Gas Hobs

Providing you with a professional finish, the Siemens gas hobs bring advanced designs and dishwasher safe properties all in one.

Siemens Induction Hobs

A safer way of cooking can be incorporated into your kitchen design with the fast temperature changing Seimens induction hobs.

Siemens Vented Hobs

Appearing only when you need them, the Siemens vented hobs combine high performance with minimal noise for comfortable cooking.

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