Tidy Kitchen Designs

Integrated Bins

Build My Kitchen has a selection of integrated bins that can easily be hidden and incorporated into your chosen units. These bins have been perfectly designed to fit into your 1909 or Second Nature Kitchen, making it easier for the whole family to recycle while keeping the kitchen looking stylish and tidy.

Our Integrated Bin Range

1909 Waste & Recycling Integrated Bin

A 1909 waste and recycling integrated bin can easily be incorporated into your kitchen design with the Build My Kitchen team.

Second Nature Kerbside Draw Integrated Bin

For kitchens with smaller space to work with, the drawer integrated bins are perfect for creating sections for different waste and recycling.

Second Nature Pull Out Bin

You can easily hide your bin with the Second Nature pull out bin, making it easier to recycle and keeping the bin out of the way.

Second Nature Two Compartment Recycling Integrated Bin

The two-compartment recycling integrated bin allows you to place two bins inside the drawer to keep them out of sight for a clean and tidy kitchen.

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