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Whether you are looking for something to suit your style or would like to incorporate the latest designs within your kitchen, then Build My Kitchen has a range of stunning and boiling water dispensing taps.

Our Taps

Franke Filter Water Taps

Fresh and clean water is always important in a kitchen, and the Franke filter water taps bring just that with their safe and reliable fresh filtration system.

Franke Omni 4-in-1 Taps

A tap that brings four functions in one, the Franke Omni 4-in1 taps offer you filtered boiled and cold water as well as your normal hot and cold mains, making it easy to incorporate into your existing plumbing.

Franke Pull-Out Nozzle

A pull-out nozzle makes cleaning and cooking even easier, and you can now pull out your tap like a hose and use the water flow for filling up pots, washing salads and much more.

Franke Pull-Out Spray

The Franke pull-out spray allows you to pull out the nozzle while also using the tap as a standard flow for versatility and ease of use.

Franke Side Spray

Combining a mixture of the pull-out nozzle and spray systems, the side spray is the most versatile tap of them all, making your daily kitchen tasks even easier to complete.

Quooker Classic Fusion

Available in a stunning polished chrome, stainless steel, patinated brass and nickel to elevate a timeless classic which can be combined with other Quooker designs.

Quooker Classic Nordic Single

Combine the classic Nordic single tap with your own mixer tap to enhance your experience through the taps ability to dispense boiling water.

Quooker Flex

Available in a polished chrome, stainless steel and black, the Flex looks stunning and allows you to pull out the nozzle as a hose.

Quooker Fusion

Various options are available with the Quooker Fusions taps, such as a round or square design and the choice for a classic finish in nickel or painted brass.

Quooker Nordic

The Nordic design is available as a single tap or a twin tap. The twin tap offers one hot and cold main and one tap that provides only boiling water.

Quooker Nordic Twintaps

Two Nordic design taps available in a smooth square shape and a rounded tap to create an elegant kitchen addition.

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