Smart Storage

Storage Solutions

A variety of larder and pantry storage solutions can help you to find ways in which you can combine functionality and style without having to compromise. Whether you have a small or large space to work with, the Build My Kitchen team has a range of solutions that can be easily incorporated into your chosen design.

Our Storage Solutions Products

Full-Height Pull-Out Larder

Incorporate a storage solution that is attached to the door of your units to allow for easy access when opening the larder.

Internal Draws

Keep your cooking tidy by including a range of internal draws inside your larder, allowing you to organise your spices and ingredients.

Narrow Base Pull-Out

When incorporating storage solutions into a smaller kitchen, a narrow pull-out can provide you with maximum storage space for all sorts of items.

Peg Draws

A peg draw allows you to place larger items such as your pots and pans into the draw, making it easier to store your cooking appliances.

Waste & Recycling Draws

Hide your waste and keep your kitchen looking clean by adding a storage solution that integrates the waste and recycling bins into the unit.

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