When designing your new kitchen with our reputable team, every aspect of your space can be tailored to you. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution to transform your kitchen, ensuring that all of the necessary work to bring your vision to life is under one roof. It is for this reason that you will be able to take advantage of a vast range of modern appliances, which can be integrated seamlessly into your design. One of the most popular brands amongst our clients is Neff, so we thought we would put together a guide to the wealth of excellent appliances we can source from this leading supplier!

What Neff Appliances Can Be Integrated Into Your Design?

Whether you opt for our traditional, contemporary or modern kitchens in Milton Keynes, you most definitely won’t be short for Neff appliances to include in your design. As Neff specialises in built-in appliances, everything from your oven to the coffee machine can be integrated into cupboards, units or your island, keeping your kitchen looking sleek while ensuring that it remains fully functional. Much like us, Neff’s mission is to inspire cooking experiences by creating a space that can be enjoyed by you, your friends and family, making the kitchen the perfect social hub. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the different options available when working with our team:

Food Storage

To ensure that you have plenty of space to store your food, we can install various fridge and freezer types. These include the following:

Built-In Fridge Freezer

With more than 10 different variations of the fridge freezer available, it couldn’t be easier to find a product that fits your available dimensions and budget. Much like any other appliances, the more that you spend, the more features that you will be able to take advantage of; however, there are a few key features that you will find in all fridge freezers. This includes FreshSafe drawers designed to keep fruit and vegetables in optimum condition, along with reduced frost in the freezer.

Neff Fridge Freezer

Built-In Fridge

Much like the Neff fridge freezer, the built-in fridges available are programmed to maintain optimum temperature to ensure that your ingredients remain fresh. On most products, the inside of the fridge can be customised to your needs with adjustable shelves and the ability to divide sections for added convenience. Although these shelves are glass, they are designed with safety in mind to hold heavier loads while staying sturdy.

Neff Fridge

Built-In Freezer

Should you need more freezer space, then integrating a built-in option into your design would be ideal. Depending on your requirements, each product comes alongside slightly different features. For example, some have NoFrost technology, which ensures that there is no ice built-up, and others have LowFrost, which speeds up defrosting. Some are even designed with bigger storage containers for bulkier items.

Neff Freezer

Built-In Side By Side Fridge Freezer

For those that require more space than you would in a conventional fridge, we are able to supply and fit built-in side by side alternatives, which offer double the storage. These are best suited to kitchens with more room to work with as they will require a larger percentage of your wall space but will come in super handy for bigger families in particular.

Neff Side By Side Fridge

Cooking Appliances

Whether you are looking for an oven or hobs, there will be many cooking appliances available to fit your requirements.

Built-In Compact Oven With Microwave Function

For a two-in-one solution to maximise convenience, a compact oven can be built into your kitchen unit, which will also feature a microwave function. These are far smaller than conventional ovens and allow you to defrost, microwave, bake and roast all in one appliance. The oven features simple, quick navigation around functions, allowing you to programme settings in minimal time.

Compact Oven With Microwave

Microwave Oven

A microwave has become a must in every household, and with many designs to choose from, it now couldn’t be easier to find a design that slots effortlessly into one of your kitchen units. With the Neff microwaves, there are many styles ranging in colours, handle type and more. Although most of our clients opt for a black microwave, they are also available in white and silver.

Neff Microwave

Domino Hobs

Domino hobs have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to design a modern kitchen filled with innovative features. They are available as both gas and electric cookers and feature just one or two hobs, making them ideal for integrating into your kitchen island, for example. If you opt for an induction hob, this will feature touch controls, and for gas hobs, there will be sword knobs.

Neff Domino Hob

Vented Hobs

The Neff vented hobs are induction hobs that have been complete with an integrated ventilation system, offering a two-in-one solution. They are controlled via the smart TwistPadFire® and are designed to produce less noise, making them ideal for those with a kitchen diner. Depending on your requirements, space-saving options are available which allow you to install drawers underneath the hob for added storage.

Neff Vented Hob

Cooker Hoods

Our kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes have many years of experience installing a range of appliances so can ensure that your cooker hood is safe and secure.

Ceiling Hoods

If you have decided to incorporate your cooking area into your island, then the Neff ceilings hoods will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The ceilings hoods are available in various styles, such as a curved or box design, along with stainless steel or glass finish. Not only this, but they are also complete with modern LED lights and a dimmer feature to provide a softer light.

Neff Ceiling Hood

Integrated Hoods

For those hoping to achieve a contemporary, minimalist design in their kitchen, we highly recommend the integrated hoods by Neff. These are integrated cleverly next to a cupboard, for example, for a discrete finish. When you need to use the hood, simply slide it out, use it for as long as you need and then when you’re finished, it can be pushed back into its home for a seamless appearance.

Neff Integrated Hood

Wall-Mounted Hoods

The most traditional-style hoods available from Neff are their wall-mounted products, which are available in angled, box, pyramid and flat designs. Regardless of the type that you opt for, all wall-mounted hoods are designed with AirFresh ventilation, which will allow fresh air to circulate around your kitchen, making it ideal when hosting guests.

Neff Wall Mounted Hood


A dishwasher has become a staple addition to many kitchens, so here is more information on the two options we offer from Neff:

Fully-Integrated Dishwasher

With two size options available, 45cm and 60cm, you can ensure that your dishwasher slots into your available space, whether this may be tucked behind a cupboard or integrated into your island. The fully-integrated dishwasher incorporates many great features, such as a Door Open Assist which allows the door to be opened just by pressing on it. It can also be programmed to work alongside your Home Connect app, allowing you to control the dishwasher via your smartphone.

Neff Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

The difference between our two dishwasher options is that the semi-integrated design features a door that matches your chosen cabinets but still with a panel on the outside to operate the dishwasher. The panel is stainless steel, which makes it ideal if you have opted for the same materials for your door handles or taps, for example. They still have the same features as the fully-integrated alternative, just with a different appearance.

Neff Semi Integrated Dishwasher

Additional Extras

No kitchen is complete without the finishing touches that enhance your experience, ensuring that your design features everything you envisioned. For this reason, we offer the following additional appliances:

Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

If, like many of us, you cannot start your day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee, then the Neff built-in fully automatic coffee machine will be a must-have in your kitchen. Able to be controlled via the Home Connect app, this coffee machine slots seamlessly into your cupboard section. It not only has an advanced heating system, but you can also save up to 8 personalised beverages so that you can make your favourite brew in minimal time.

Neff Coffee Machine

Vacuum Drawer

A vacuum drawer is a less conventional addition to a kitchen but comes in incredibly useful for those who regularly need to vacuum-seal foods, whether this may be pre-made dishes or to marinate meat. It is particularly popular amongst those who enjoy the sous-vide cooking method or perhaps run a business that specialises in this dish type.

Neff Vacuum Drawer

Warming Drawer

With an easy push and pull function, the Neff warming drawers can accommodate up to 14 plates, making this appliance a fantastic option if you regularly host guests or have a larger family. You can alter the temperature to suit your needs with the top setting at 80°C. This means that you can not only heat dinnerware but also slow cook meat or prove dough, making the warming drawer a super convenient addition to your kitchen.

Neff Warming Drawer

Start Designing Your Kitchen With Our Team

If you are interested in integrating any of the Neff appliances mentioned above into your kitchen design, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Whether you opt for Neff products only or combine them with one of our other leading suppliers, you most definitely won’t be short for options. Our team are always more than happy to run through the products that will fit your requirements, helping you to pick the right appliances for your new kitchen.