One of the main components of every kitchen is the worktop. The right material, colour and finish can perfectly tie your design together, instantly adding a touch of luxury to your space. An array of leading worktop manufacturers are available when designing your kitchen with Build My Kitchen, each of which combines premium quality materials with beautifully detailed designs. To start shortlisting options, we have put together a guide detailing each!

The Perfect Finishing Touch To Your New Space

Having spent many years as experts kitchen designers in Milton Keynes, we recognise that every project is unique, as is each of our wonderful clients. For this reason, we have partnered with a number of reputable brands to allow our clients to fully customise their new space, including those that specialise in worktops.

Our worktop brands each encapsulate our passion for quality and attention to detail, ensuring that every new project is designed and installed to the highest standards. We are always more than happy to schedule a design consultation to begin discussing options, but in the meantime, you can find more on our worktop ranges below:

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  • Corian
  • CRL Quartz
  • Dekton
  • Sensa
  • Silestone
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      Specialising in solid surface worktops, Corian boasts exceptional durability, remaining in immaculate condition and susceptible to wear and tear. They will not delaminate and are non-porous, which makes these worktops a popular choice in both residential and commercial environments. Ultimately, with a Corian worktop, you will always have the peace of mind that reliability and robustness will be on your side. And, in the event that you do scratch or stain the surface, this minor damage can quickly be removed with the use of household cleaner – it really is as easy as that!

      At Build My Kitchen, we have a number of stunning Corian worktop colours available, each of which can be finished in Kitchen Cosmopolitan Chic, Kitchen Townhouse Style or Outdoor Charm. The shades available include the following:

      • Cosmos Prima
      • Deep Nocturne
      • Designer White
      • Dove
      • Glacier White
      • Imperial Yellow
      • Limestone Prima
      • Mint Ice
      • Silver Birch
      • White Jasmine
      • White Onyx

      Corian Worktop

      CRL Quartz

      Offering a more long-lasting, damage resistant and durable alternative to other natural materials, CRL Quartz designs stunning quartz surfaces that require minimal maintenance. As each worktop is made from engineered quartz, they are not only hard-wearing but also incredibly flexible, able to be perfectly integrated into a wealth of different kitchen designs. More benefits of CRL Quartz worktops include:

      • Highly Resistant: All surfaces are resistant to stains, heat, scratches and impact, meaning that you can enjoy a hugely long-lasting investment.
      • Easy To Maintain: There will be no need to purchase specialised products to care for your worktop. Water and mild cleaning products will be enough to keep the surface looking as good as new.
      • Hygienic Material: Much like Corian, these worktops are non-porous, preventing any accumulation or growth of mould and bacteria. Food can be directly prepared on the work surface.

      We have a fantastic range of CRL Quartz worktops available with our kitchens in Milton Keynes, and this brand has become one of the most popular amongst our clients. Worksurfaces can be complete in a marble, natural, rock, white or renaissance finish, in the following colours:

      • Calacatta Dorado
      • Colorado
      • Firenze
      • Lugano
      • Messina
      • Montana Gris
      • Monte Bianco
      • Siena Honed
      • Statuario Bianco
      • Vicenza

      CRL Quartz Worktop


      Designed by Cosentino Group, the global specialist in manufacturing innovative surfaces, Dekton is the organisation’s ultracompact worktop. It is made from a unique combination of raw materials, glass and porcelain, making it a heavy-duty surface that is highly resistant to scratches, heat and stains. Although we opt for using Dekton for our kitchen designs, the nature of the hard-wearing product makes it also suitable for use outdoors and in bathrooms or as cladding, flooring and paving.

      Depending on the aesthetic of your design, Dekton worktops are available in a number of different finishes. For example, their natural collection is ideal for Scandinavian style kitchens with a classic, subtle colour scheme. For those looking for a more rustic look, on the other hand, we would recommend their industrial collection, which features a darker, more organic colour palette.

      Regardless of the collection you choose, there will always be many beautiful colours to choose from, such as:

      • Aura15
      • Baltic
      • Blanc Concrete
      • Fiord
      • Galema
      • Khalo
      • Laurent
      • Liquid Embers
      • Lunar
      • Makai
      • Taga
      • Trilium
      • Vera
      • Vienna

      Dekton Worktop


      Another stunning surface by the Cosentino Group is Sensa, a natural stone designed for reliability. Unlike other natural stone worktops, all products manufactured by Sensa are complete with a special treatment, which offers protection against common kitchen stains. There will be no need for this treatment to be reapplied in the future; however, should you find that it loses its effectiveness and damage begins to appear, you can take advantage of Sensa’s 15-year treatment warranty.

      The Sensa worktops are best suited to our clients looking to make a statement with their choice of material. Their surfaces are beautifully detailed with striking natural colour combinations, each accompanied by unique veins, shades and textures. The collection available at Build My Kitchen includes the following colours:

      • Bianco Antico
      • Black Beauty
      • Colonial White
      • Glacial Blue
      • Ice Blue
      • Indian Black
      • Moack Black
      • Orinoco
      • Taj Mahal
      • White Macaubas

      Once you have chosen the perfect colour collection, you will then be able to choose between a Caresse, Polished or Suede finish, depending on the style of your cabinets.

      Sensa Worktop


      Our last worktop brand is another clever design by Cosentino Group. As a hybrid surface, Silestone combines minerals and recycled materials to offer the perfect alternative to granite or natural stone. It takes advantage of the innovative HybriQ+ technology to create worktops that offer uniquely beautiful textures while remaining virtually non-porous and stain-resistant. Silestone worktops also come alongside a 25-year warranty for your peace of mind.

      One of the most sought-after features of Silestone worktops is that they are available in three textures; these are the following:

      • Polished: Offering a high gloss finish that makes colours appear more intense.
      • Suede: A matte finish perfect for those looking to design a timeless, elegant kitchen.
      • Volcano: For a more rustic finish, volcano is ideal as it offers a far more distinguished texture.

      You will also be able to choose between a number of classic colours, including:

      • Basiq
      • Eternal
      • Iconic
      • Influencers
      • Mythology
      • Nebula Alpha
      • New Mountain
      • River
      • Stellar
      • Tropical Forest
      • Zen

      Along with being fully customisable, Silestone is the only brand that specialises in modern Integrity sinks alongside their renowned worktops. Integrity sinks are designed to perfectly fit into your Silestone kitchen surface for a seamless finish. As they feature no joints, our kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes can install these sinks in a way that allows them to blend effortlessly with your worktop for an ultra-sleek final aesthetic.

      Silestone Worktop

      Creating The Perfect Space With Build My Kitchen!

      The wonderfully designed, effortlessly beautiful worktop brands listed above are perfect for adding a luxury finishing touch to your new kitchen. Not only this, but the wide range of colour and finish options available also make it easier than ever to select a worktop that complements your chosen colour scheme, cabinet range and accessories.

      Having run through these fabulous brands, we are sure that you are now eager to get started on the design process. As one of the leading kitchen companies in Milton Keynes, we are always excited to begin piecing together ideas with our clients and invite all those interested to visit our showroom. Here, you’ll be able to browse a vast range of stunning products and speak with our team about your vision. Our showroom is open for walk-ins Sunday to Friday, but we ask clients to book an appointment on Saturdays. To book an appointment or ask our team any questions, please get in touch!

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