As we reach the end of the year, we thought it was the perfect excuse to look back at the fabulous projects we have completed, showcasing some of the most popular kitchen trends 2021. From making a statement through pops of colour and eclectic lighting to cleverly integrated storage, there are tons of beautiful ways that our clients have added a touch of personality to their new space.

Kitchen Trends 2021 By Build My Kitchen

Since the pandemic, the kitchen has become more than just a place to cook. We’ve spent our free time nestled inside learning new baking skills, playing games around the dinner table and most of all, sitting on Zoom calls! As a result, this year’s kitchen trends have been built on a foundation of creating a functional yet sociable space filled with character.

The perfect balance between practical and beautiful is the name of the game, so let’s take a closer look at the trends that our clients have used to adopt this style:

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    1. Painted Kitchens

    By far, one of the most popular 2021 design trends has been the return of the painted kitchen. So many of our clients have opted for custom coloured cabinets hand-painted by our kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes – and what stunning results this achieves! It is perfect for adding a modern twist to the traditional Shaker-style kitchen and, even better, will help your cabinets to wear and age far better.

    A stunning example of the painted kitchen trend is the 1909 in-frame shaker kitchen we designed and installed for a client who had been recommended to us by their interior designer. We painted their cabinets by hand in a gorgeous purple shade, creating a super elegant, opulent feel. Take a look at the full project gallery below!

    Purple Shaker Kitchen

    2. Modernised Taps

    Taps are a must-have in any kitchen, but gone are the days where they are fitted for practical purposes only. Nowadays, tap designs are continuing to evolve, offering not only a statement addition to your space but also innovative features. Quooker taps, in particular, are a hugely popular choice amongst our clients, as they are capable of producing cold, hot, boiling and sparkling water, all from a single installation!

    Modern White Kitchen

    3. Integrated Appliances

    We’re lucky enough to be immersed in a world filled with technology and gadgets, so of course, it would be rude not to incorporate a few into your kitchen design. But, instead of cluttering your worksurfaces with appliances, why not cleverly conceal them behind cupboard doors or integrate them into your units? This method is a hugely popular choice amongst our clients, with almost all tailoring their design around their appliances.

    Take a look below at just some examples of how our clients have discreetly integrated appliances into their design for seamless results!

    Kitchen With Integrated Oven

    4. Statement Lights

    Throughout 2021, more clients than ever have incorporated beautiful statement lighting over their kitchen island, creating a real focal point for their space. This design is perfect for those who want a simple, minimalist kitchen but with a few subtly luxurious features. Light fittings can be of any colour, material, size or shape, and will fit effortlessly into your interior design.

    Statement Lighting Over Island

    5. Handleless Cabinets

    In terms of kitchen styling, many of our clients throughout 2021 have focused on a contemporary, free-flowing design, making handleless designs a hugely sought-after choice. These allow the entire focus to be on the detailing of cabinets, which are then equipped with either push-open mechanisms or recessed handles for ease of use. Much like all of the kitchen ranges we have available, handleless cabinets are available in a wide range of colours to perfectly complement your interior design.

    White Handleless Kitchen

    6. Concealed Pantry

    Although pantries have been a popular home addition for centuries, it is no longer the case that you have to allocate an entire room. Instead, many of our clients have cleverly incorporated a pantry cupboard into the kitchen itself, saving space while maximising organisation. This can then be used to neatly tuck away food, dried goods, spices and more, all while making sure that they remain easily accessible while cooking.

    Integrated Kitchen Pantry

    7. Adjoining Utility Room

    This year, we have worked with a few clients to transform not only their kitchen but also their utility room, creating a modern design that flows effortlessly between the two spaces. A utility room is an excellent choice for those who do not want to sacrifice valuable kitchen unit space in order to accommodate the bulkier appliances. Take a look at this fabulous kitchen and utility room we completed for our client on their stunning 1800s home.

    Modern Utility Room

    8. Compact Designs

    All of our kitchen installations in Milton Keynes are designed bespoke to our clients, which means that it couldn’t be easier to create a compact design, perfect for those with a narrower space. Compact kitchen designs typically consist of tall wall units, ample storage and a lighter colour scheme to reflect light around the room, making it appear more spacious.

    When designing a compact kitchen, don’t be afraid to incorporate an island into your space. Our skilled team can custom build a narrow island without restricting movement around the kitchen.

    Compact Kitchen Design

    9. Pops Of Colour

    While the classic neutral colour scheme will always be popular, many of our clients are now adding a touch of personality to their design through pops of colour. The 60-30-10 colour rule comes into play in this design theme, as 10% of your kitchen can feature your chosen bright shade (the accent colour). This can be incorporated through your splashback, island doors, light fitting and many other accessory types.

    Opting for small hints of vibrancy is ideal for future-proofing your kitchen, as if you choose to change your accent colour in the future, only the finishing touches will need to be replaced as opposed to the kitchen itself.

    White and Pink Kitchen

    10. Marbled Surfaces

    One kitchen trend that will never go out of fashion is marble surfaces. Offering an instant high-end luxury feel, marble not only looks beautiful in any kitchen but will also remain durable for many years to come, making this addition a worthwhile investment. And, while marble is most commonly used as the material of choice for worksurfaces, it can be used across the kitchen in the form of accessories, flooring and even appliances. Take a look below at how our clients have incorporated marble into their kitchen:

    Kitchen With Marble Worksurface

    11. Clever Zoning

    If your home has an open plan layout, such as the kitchen, dining area and living room all merged together, then adopting the zoning trend is an excellent way to break up the purpose of each space. When done correctly, this allows you to play around with different design concepts, incorporating more than one interior theme into your space.

    For example, we recently completed a project for a client who was eager to create a space perfect for hosting guests. This featured a Porter white handleless kitchen which blended seamlessly into a wooden bar area, complete with plenty of seating around the island, along with comfortable sofas in the living area. Take a look at the project gallery below and head over to our case studies page for more information!

    Zoned Out Kitchen

    12. Multi-Purpose Islands

    An island will always be a sought-after kitchen trend, so it’s no surprise that almost all of our clients throughout 2021 have incorporated this feature into their design. Although in the past, the island was used for worktop purposes only, there are now many ways that you can maximise functionality. When designing their kitchen island, our clients have integrated hidden storage, wine coolers, induction hobs and much more. We have also developed custom islands that feature cupboards on one side and a seating area on the other, offering the perfect multi-purpose solution!

    Kitchen Island With Seating

    13. Fitted Wine Storage

    Our last trend of 2021 is a luxury addition. As we are now spending more time at home, our clients have been investing in the smaller, more desirable touches, and this year, the most popular by far has been integrated wine storage, particularly those by Cable.

    Cable has designed a broad range of high-end wine coolers, ranging from those that are fitted under the counter to freestanding alternatives. These slot effortlessly into our kitchen ranges, with most of our clients opting for integrating their wine cooler into their island.

    Kitchen With Wine Cooler

    We’re Looking Forward To 2022 Projects!

    Helping clients to bring their dream kitchen to life is what we do best, and it’s been a pleasure to have worked on so many beautiful projects throughout 2021. We couldn’t be more excited to see what 2022 will hold and the wealth of new trends our future clients will incorporate into their design.

    With this in mind, if you are looking to transform your kitchen with our team in the New Year, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to pop into our kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes to browse our stunning ranges and begin piecing together your design.

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