Luxury kitchen appliances are essential to an elegant at-home cooking and dining experience. Installing the best appliances will elevate any kitchen design, functionally and aesthetically. Whether you are looking for sleek exteriors and incognito storage areas, or clever functions using innovative technology, careful appliance selection is the secret to a deluxe kitchen. This is why Build My Kitchen partners with the best appliance brands to create our bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes. From food-preserving vacuum storage drawers to classy glass-front wine cabinets, our partner brands provide the best appliances to create the elegant kitchen you deserve.

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    Introducing Our Kitchen Appliance Brand Partners and Their Products

    We equip our bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes with the best kitchen appliances to produce stunning results and streamline your cooking experience. Our appliance brand partners are reputable companies who make highly functional appliances created with innovative technology that will help your kitchen run smoothly. They provide us with classy, high-quality fridges, taps, ovens and more, ranging from kitchen essentials to luxury items that will give your culinary space an impressive air of elegance. This article will introduce you to the Build My Kitchen appliance brand partners and their products.


    If you desire to maximise kitchen space and streamline your cooking experience, Neff home appliances are certain to upgrade your kitchen in style. Neff’s built-in freezer fridges and microwave ovens allow you to incorporate your appliances into your kitchen units rather than designing your kitchen around them. These hybrid appliances are compact and space-efficient, offering maximum freedom in your kitchen layout.

    Neff appliances are innovatively designed to transform your culinary experience: their fridges use FreshSafe technology to maximise the lifespan of your food. Meanwhile, their luxury vacuum drawer can be used to vacuum seal food, preserving its flavours and aromas and preventing it from spoiling. This function can also be used for cooking Sous vide (under vacuum), a technique popular in high-end restaurants which involves cooking food in a vacuum-sealed food in a temperature-controlled water bath. This method ensures that food is flavoursome, retains moisture and is perfectly cooked through, without being overcooked on the outside. The controlled conditions under which the food is cooked produce exquisite results every time. With this Neff vacuum drawer and a Sous vide machine, you cook food fit for a king in your own home.
    Neff Vacuum Drawer


    As Europe’s number one home appliances brand, you can expect nothing less than the best from Bosch products. Their built-in freezer fridges and microwave ovens can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen for a stylish, minimalist look. For a more striking design, we may install one of Bosch’s wall-mounted extractor hoods, which transform an unremarkable kitchen appliance into an elegant feature that is also functional.

    Bosch appliances also utilise impressive technology for ultimate functionality: their vented hobs include a built-in ventilation system, removing lingering smells and steam as you cook; meanwhile, a Bosch dishwasher offers one of the quietest washing programmes, protecting the luxurious atmosphere of your kitchen.
    If you’re not a morning person, Bosch’s built-in fully automatic coffee machine is a must-have: available in both stainless steel and black, this product produces high-quality coffee with no effort required from you. The Build My Kitchen team install all of these excellent appliances in our bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes.Bosch Oven With Microwave


    Siemens home appliances are sleek in appearance with elite functionality. The appliances can be customised to suit your kitchen vision with various sizes, colours, and materials available. If you are looking to make a feature out of your kitchen appliances, one of Siemens’ free-standing fridge freezers or dishwashers could be the perfect statement for your space. These versatile appliances can also be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen units if you are after a more incognito layout. Siemens also provides both statement and discrete extractor hoods to suit your unique design preferences.

    As kitchen designers in Milton Keynes, we understand the importance of easy-to-use appliances which look elegant and function smoothly. This is why we recommend Siemens domino hobs for those looking to elevate their cooking experience. This product allows you to combine any two Siemens hob designs, creating a bespoke hob with both gas and electric features. The electric hob enables precise temperature control with an innovative touch slider, while the gas hobs are dishwasher friendly with a sleek finish. After cooking a meal on your bespoke hob, why not plate it on crockery warmed in the luxury Siemens warming drawer for the ultimate at-home dining experience?

    Siemens Freestanding Bottom Freezer Fridge


    When it comes to kitchen appliances, nothing is quite as luxurious as a glass-doored wine cabinet to store and display your collection. As Kitchen designers in Milton Keynes we can think of nothing better to complete an elegant cooking space than one of Caple’s luxury wine cabinets. Caple offers a variety of sizes and finishes, making their cabinets highly customisable to suit your desired aesthetic and available kitchen space. We can install cabinets that are free-standing, in-column, or under the counter, integrated into your kitchen units for a more discrete look.

    Caple wine cabinets use compressor cooling technology, as well as heaters that activate when external temperature decreases to keep your collection at the perfect temperature. Maintaining this delicate temperature balance is essential in preserving the quality of your wine: temperatures that are too high will accelerate the ageing process of your wine, destroying the chemical composition of the beverage. Meanwhile, excessively low temperatures hinder the ageing process and emphasise the wine’s acidity. For more on the importance of proper wine storage, visit Hawkins Bros. Caple wine cabinets will keep your wine at the optimal temperature, facilitating the ageing process at the ideal pace and releasing the desired aromas, all while storing and displaying your bottles in style.Caple Undercounter Wine Cabinet


    As kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes, we frequently install stylish Quooker taps, which effortlessly elevate our luxury kitchen designs. The fixtures come in a variety of shapes and finishes, including black, polished chrome, nickel and stainless steel, making them highly customisable to complement each of our bespoke luxury kitchen designs. The extendable nozzle on the Quooker Flex allows for efficient rinsing, while the Quooker Nordic is perfect for those looking to cut down on time spent in the kitchen: these taps that can instantly dispense boiling water. These fixtures are not only more energy-efficient than kettles; they will help you decrease your water waste and make your kitchen a more environmentally friendly space. The Quooker Nordic is available as a single tap or a twin tap, with one producing hot and cold water and the other producing only boiling water. Best of all, the Quooker Fusion allows you to combine your favourite tap features into one fixture!Quooker Fusion

    Have Your Luxury Kitchen Designed And Fitted By Professionals

    From deciding between built-in and free-standing to designing and installing a kitchen, our team is here to help you make the culinary space of your dreams a reality. At Build My Kitchen, we design and fit modern and Traditional kitchens in Milton Keynes, using the elegant and technologically advanced home appliances provided by our appliance brand partners. The versatile array of products available allows us to create truly bespoke luxury kitchens that are both elegant and highly functional. If you are looking for bespoke kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes, please feel free to get in touch with our team. Click here for a full list of our appliance brand partners’ products.

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