The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home: it’s where families enjoy meals together and where friends catch up after too much time apart. However, for many, renovating the kitchen’s appearance is often the last to-do on the renovations list, which means that it becomes brimming with years worth of accumulated clutter. If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a whole host of clever kitchen storage ideas which will transform your space while keeping you organised!

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    Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas To Organise Your Space

    While aesthetics will always play a vital role in any room design, functionality and practicality are essential when it comes to the kitchen. The key to creating a kitchen that looks great and runs smoothly is clever storage solutions that store your tools and appliances where they are out of the way but easily accessible when needed. Having specialised in bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes for many years, transforming culinary spaces from chaotic to organised has become second nature to our team. So, if you’re looking for ways to declutter and streamline your cooking experience, why not take advantage of our smart storage ideas:

  • Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas
  • Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
  • Kitchen Worktop Storage Ideas
  • Hidden Storage Ideas For The Kitchen
  • pull out draws

    Kitchen Cupboard Storage Ideas

    A cluttered cupboard can be stressful, but with interior storage solutions, you can organise your kitchenware and food items with ease. Whether you have a big or small kitchen, our kitchen cupboard storage ideas can help you maximise space.

    Inside Cupboard Storage Ideas

    Kitchen cupboards can quickly become cluttered when you have lots of items to reach over to grab the one you need. Thankfully, these inside cupboard storage ideas can help you keep things organised:

    • Door Racks – If cupboard space is tight, hanging a door rack can allow you to use every available inch to store your culinary goods.
    • Pan Holder – A pan holder is an excellent way to organise your kitchenware and avoid smashing a toe when rifling through a cluttered cupboard!
    • Storage Baskets – sometimes a little cupboard clutter is unavoidable, especially when it comes to oddly-shaped or miscellaneous objects. Keep the clutter confined to a designated space with these colourful storage baskets!

    Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

    • Lazy Susan – A lazy susan is a turntable that can be attached to the inside of your cupboard in the corner and rotated. Items can be placed on the lazy susan, creating a carousel which you can turn to access different items. This clever storage solution prevents you from having to reach over lots of items and risk knocking them over.
    • Blind Corner Storage – When you pull out these cabinets, a large rack is revealed, which uses not only the storage space directly behind the unit but also the corner space to store large pots and pans. This mechanism allows you to easily retrieve equipment from the very back of the cupboard without having to crawl inside!

    Take a look at some of our interior cabinet storage ideas below, all of which are available when designing with the Build My Kitchen team:
    Kitchen Storage Solution

    Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

    Although most new-build homes are not designed with a traditional pantry, our team of kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes can install a hidden pantry in your home for easy, out of sight storage. Here are some ways that you can organise the items stored in your pantry:

    • Kitchen Cupboard Pull Out Storage – Pull out storage is an excellent way to organise space in your pantry whilst keeping things tucked away but accessible. If you opt for pull out draws in your pantry, ensure that their depth corresponds with the height of the items you are storing: shallow for smaller items like spice jars and deeper for larger containers.
    • Food Cupboard Organiser – If you have lots of oddly-shaped containers and packages that awkwardly roll around into your cupboard, consider investing in a food cupboard organiser. This could be a collection of glass jars or draw organisers: anything that neatly keeps items in their designated place. Storage jars are perfect for rice, pasta, nuts, cereal and pretty much any other dry foods you can think of! Not only are they aesthetically stunning, but they also create an easy-to-follow visual storage system. Drawer organisers separate storage spaces into smaller compartments which you can sort your ingredients into, allowing you to keep track of them and prevent them from rolling away or spilling over!

    Integrated Kitchen Pantry

    Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

    Space is precious when it comes to smaller kitchens. That’s why we’ve come up with a few storage solutions to help you house your utensils, containers, crockery and ingredients while using as little space as possible.

    Hanging Storage Ideas

    By utilising unused wall space for storage, you can keep items organised while ensuring that they are easy to reach when they are needed. These are some of our favourite places to hang kitchenware:

    • Sides Of Cabinets – The sides of your kitchen cabinets are often tucked away, making them the perfect space to hang kitchenware. Rails can be fitted to cabinets and used to hang pots, pans or utensils.
    • Above The Sink – Hanging your drying rack on a rail above the sink is ideal for not only saving space but also keeping the rest of your kitchen dry. You could also consider hanging a storage box to hold washing-up liquid, cleaning brushes and sponges.
    • Inside Cupboards – For those who prefer everything to be neatly tucked away out of sight, installing hanging space on the inside of cupboard doors is ideal. Fixed rails can be used to organise everything from saucepan lids to chopping boards.

    Kitchen Shelf Ideas

    A tidy, organised kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that everything must be tucked away behind closed doors. Kitchen shelving doubles as decor and a clever storage solution, displaying your kitchenware where it is visible but out of the way: perfect for smaller kitchens where worktop space is limited.

    The beauty of shelving is that it is incredibly versatile: it can be placed anywhere, and there is a huge array of possible colours, styles and sizes. We particularly love the ‘floating’ shelves on B&Q. There are endless possibilities to what you can store on kitchen shelves, from tea sets that are just too pretty to be stowed away in the cupboard to artisanal chopping boards that deserve to be displayed with pride.

    Kitchen Shelf

    Kitchen Worktop Storage Ideas

    Even your kitchen worktop can offer storage solutions! Whether you have room on your worktop for some multipurpose decor/storage or want to maximise prep space with an extendable chopping board, we’ve got you covered.

    Storage Canisters

    If you are a coffee fanatic, you’ll love this one. Find yourself exasperated by repeatedly reaching to the cupboard for items that you use frequently? You can save time by storing pasta, tea, coffee and sugar in canisters on your worktop. These stylish containers look amazing and save you from making countless trips to the cupboard!

    Chopping Board Organiser

    Chopping boards are essential in every kitchen but can be a hassle to store. Why not integrate the feature into your worktop to streamline your food prep? Simply incorporate a shallow pull-out drawer under your worktop, which will hold your chopping board so that you can easily slide it out when needed. For maximum convenience, you can incorporate a hole into your board and place the drawer above your food waste bin so that you can easily slide scraps in as you chop!

    Hidden Storage Ideas For The Kitchen

    If your kitchen has a minimalist aesthetic, these hidden storage ideas are perfect for you! We love incorporating hidden storage into both our modern and traditional kitchens in Milton Keynes to maximise functionality while maintaining the aesthetic of the space. Here is how you can store your equipment so that it is out of the way but easily accessible.

    Concealed Appliances

    If you are planning a kitchen refit, an excellent way to keep your space looking tidy without compromising on storage space is to conceal appliances by integrating them into your kitchen units. This option is perfect for a contemporary kitchen style with a minimalist appearance.

    Dishwashers and fridges can be fitted behind opening kitchen units for a seamless look. You could also consider incorporating floor to ceiling sliding doors that open to reveal the microwave and fan oven into your kitchen design. For more concealed appliance inspiration, take a look at this article by Of Design.

    Island Interior Storage

    Through our many years as kitchen designers in Milton Keynes, we have seen the dramatic growth in the popularity of kitchen islands. Not only do these units provide plenty of extra workspaces to prepare and enjoy food, but they also offer discrete storage.

    From shelving showcasing decorative dinnerware, ornaments or plants to cupboards housing bulky dinnerware, you can design your kitchen island to accommodate your items. Better Homes & Garden have put together a great article with more kitchen island storage inspiration!

    Kitchen Island With Storage

    Kitchen Storage At Your Convenience!

    Maintaining a neat and organised kitchen needn’t be tricky with our host of super handy storage ideas. Whether you opt to incorporate a solution into your new kitchen installation or alter your existing design, it couldn’t be easier to practically and aesthetically organise your space.

    If you are interested in renovating your kitchen and looking for reputable kitchen designers in Milton Keynes, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. With many years of experience designing and fitting kitchens, we can help you ensure that you make the most of your kitchen space with clever storage. You can also visit our kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes to help you get inspired and visualise our kitchen ranges. For some tips on organising kitchen cupboards, check out our previous article.

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