Sleek, elegant and simple, our modern kitchens in Milton Keynes make a sophisticated statement that will elevate any home. The kitchen is not only a place where food is prepared and eaten: it is also often the social hub of the home, making functionality, comfort and aesthetics extremely important when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen that meets and exceeds the needs of you, your family and any guests that you may welcome into your home. Our modern kitchen range reflects this, seamlessly integrating practicality with style.

A Look At Our Luxury Modern Kitchen Ranges

As highly experienced professional kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes, the Build My Kitchen team have the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to help you bring your vision for your modern kitchen to life. Whether you would prefer a dark and sophisticated aesthetic or a bright, open one, we’ve got you covered with our four luxury modern kitchen ranges, each of which offers something unique, giving you a wealth of options to choose from. In this article, we will explore each of our modern ranges and what they have to offer:

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    Alpina: Inspired By Nature

    The Alpina range is sophisticated and soothing: it is designed to bring some of the many benefits of nature into your home, all whilst elevating its aesthetics. When you choose the Alpina range for your kitchen, you will be able to decide between a range of shades, from burnt ash to deep oak, that truly captures the essence of nature. Whether you opt for slate-coloured Dekton Orix & Ash End Grain worktops, or dazzling Strata Quartz Brilliant White alternatives, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of sturdy worksurfaces that also look incredibly striking.

    Sleek chrome handles are just one of the fixture options that we offer that will look incredible with this range, creating a striking contrast against the muted tones of the cabinets, which can be made with a matte, gloss or textured finish. To find out more about our Alpina range, please feel free to get in touch with us.

    Alpina Kitchen

    Porter: Elegant & Simplistic

    The Porter range beautifully demonstrates the elegance of minimalist and understated designs. Available in nine subtle shades, ranging from porcelain to cashmere to graphite, this kitchen range provides you with the opportunity to create a space that suits your needs and enables you to make it your own. Features such as matte black ‘D’ handles and Silestone Quartz Charcoal Soapstone surfaces can be added to your design as you please. You can also choose between a matte and gloss finish for your units, depending on your personal preference and desired style.

    The Build My Kitchen team will be able to use their expertise in kitchen design to help you select the perfect colour scheme, as well as any extra features that will help you to achieve the style and atmosphere you would like in your kitchen. To find out more, why not get in contact with us today?

    Porter Gloss Kitchen

    Stanhope: Creating Variety

    Our Stanhope range exquisitely combines simplicity with variety and luxury, making it the perfect range for anyone who would prefer a kitchen design that is straightforward and leaves room for personalisation through ornaments and decorative fixtures of all sorts of styles. Stanhope kitchens create an ideal base for an eclectic design, due to their simple yet abundant customisation options, which span a range of styles. This range is also made to measure, meaning that it can be used to fit especially awkwardly-shaped or small kitchens.

    Stanhope kitchen units can be made in six different soothing colours, with a choice of four different finishes: feature, gloss, matte or woodgrain. You can also choose to have statement stainless steel bar handles installed. This provides you with the ability to precisely control the look and feel of your space and turn your dream kitchen into a reality. If you would like to know more about our bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    Stanhope Kitchen

    Unity: Sleek & Cutting Edge

    The Unity range is wonderfully versatile and elegantly streamlined, offering a choice between seven stunning colours and three striking finishes. These neutral colour options will work with a variety of styles and colour schemes, meaning that you will be able to fully customise your Unity kitchen to suit your style, whether you go for bold, dark shades or calming, lighter ones. Moreover, the Unity collection can be made to measure, providing you with complete flexibility when it comes to designing the layout of your kitchen, regardless of any tight or awkward spaces.

    The black and white Strata Granite Sinuous White worktop available within this range is unbelievably striking, creating a stunning statement piece, perfect for any modern kitchen. Meanwhile, stainless steel bar handles offer a subtle touch of luxury without overwhelming your design or taking away from the main features. If you are interested in our Unity kitchen range, please feel free to get in touch with our team of expert kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes.

    Unity Kitchen

    Design The Modern Kitchen Of Your Dreams

    A modern kitchen should effortlessly epitomise elegance and sophistication, regardless of colour choices and finishes. Our modern kitchen ranges offer you the ability to design a bespoke kitchen that looks incredible and is highly functional, all while incorporating a touch of personality.

    When you choose to install a kitchen in your home with the help of our dedicated team, you can expect incredible results: we pride ourselves on our ability and commitment to completing projects to the highest standards of quality, functionality and aesthetics. If you would like to know what you can expect when working with Build My Kitchen, you are more than welcome to visit our kitchen showroom in Milton Keynes, which demonstrates the high capability of our team.

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