A kitchen is a room many spend a lot of time in, whether socialising with family and friends or cooking and baking for leisure. There’s a reason why the kitchen is known as the heart of the home – we simply cannot function without it! And this is exactly the foundation for the perfect farmhouse kitchen; practical and functional yet welcoming and homely. So, our specialists at Build My Kitchen have compiled the best 7 farmhouse ideas to inspire your new space.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas UK

Suppose you’re thinking of updating or creating a new kitchen. In that case, you may be struggling with ideas on the style and look of your new room. As one of the best kitchen companies in Milton Keynes, we understand that the kitchen must be a central hub for the entire family, however you decide to style it!

By far, one of our favourite and most popular styles is a farmhouse kitchen. Adding a modern twist to a vintage aesthetic, the farmhouse style encapsulates the best of British design. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our top ideas:

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    What Is A Farmhouse Kitchen?

    A farmhouse kitchen is a style that has a rustic, traditional and classic design that some may describe as a cottage kitchen. This is because of how it captures the idea that the kitchen is the heart of the home, mainly through its homely and cosy feel.

    Many examples feature natural materials, exposed wooden beams and open shelving instead of cupboards. However, you can twist this style into anything you’d like!

    Colour themes may vary but usually consist of shades of greens and creams, but a farmhouse kitchen can suit any colour scheme you want, making it a very versatile style. Kitchens with this style usually prioritise simplicity and functionality but can also feature modern features to tailor it to your perfect idea of a kitchen.

    sage green open shelf kitchen

    Farmhouse Country Kitchen Ideas

    If you’re thinking of turning your kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen, you may struggle with ideas for all the storage and furniture you need. As experts in kitchen installations in Milton Keynes, we recommend finding a balance between traditional and contemporary styles, but no worries, we are always here to help with ideas and queries!

    Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    Whilst most modern kitchens tend to hide away their storage; farmhouse kitchens encourage having it on show without needing it to be messy.

    Many people like to have hooks to hang pots and pans on instead of tucking them away; this increases the homely aesthetic and the familial feel of a farmhouse kitchen. However, suppose you are not a fan of having your items hanging or too out in the open. In that case, you may opt for tucking them away in cupboards with glass or frosted glass panels, which helps keep them on display without minimising the feel of the farmhouse kitchen.

    Handles on cabinets are also a great way of making your kitchen more of a farmhouse style; how about trying rounded wooden knobs, metal gold bar handles or an elegant cup handle to incorporate the natural materials aspect that these types of kitchens love?

    Our experts in kitchen installations in Milton Keynes recommend shaker-style cabinets to fulfil your farmhouse kitchen as this traditional style incorporates classic with a modern hint which is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen!

    close up of cup handle

    Farmhouse Kitchen Floor Ideas

    Floors are one of the essential parts of your kitchen as they could determine the overall style of your space. With many examples to choose from, it can be easy to gather ideas about different floor materials and patterns that you think would suit your farmhouse style! These include:

      • Brick floors: Bricks add a certain feeling of vintage warmth and tradition to a kitchen, and any colour is easy to match to the colour scheme of the rest of your room.
      • Tiled floors: There are many different options and roads to take when dealing with tiled floors. One of the most popular kitchen floors for any style, they fit perfectly with the aesthetic of a farmhouse kitchen.
      • Wooden floors: An obvious choice because it’s a natural material, wooden floors add an extra hint of cosiness and rustic charm that your kitchen may need. Light-coloured wood will make the room feel more airy and bright, whereas dark wood will create depth and a rich finish. Maybe even consider painting the floor to increase the vintage feel!
      • Patterned cement tiles: If you’re looking for not-so-standard flooring, then patterned cement flooring can give you just what you need to make the kitchen yours and add a personal quirkiness that will still fit with the rest of the kitchen.

    display cabinets

    Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

    An island in a farmhouse kitchen is extremely integral, especially as they encourage familial settings and social evenings! They should be positioned carefully to decrease the risk of your kitchen feeling claustrophobic and make it feel like part of the room just as much as the cabinets and appliances.

    Many islands in farmhouses are wooden to extend the room’s rustic feel; however, make sure you match the colour and material well to its surroundings so that they complement each other well.

    Perhaps surround the island with bar stools and even incorporate shelves or drawers under the island’s worktop, smaller or larger, and fill them with items such as wine and cooking supplies to create a more social yet functioning setting!

    Our experts also recommend upcycling old furniture and turning it into a kitchen island; this enhances the vintage and homely feel of the room, perfect for creating a farmhouse kitchen.

    storage space under island

    Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    Farmhouse kitchens encourage light to flow throughout the room, whether natural or artificial. Several different lighting ideas could boost your room and tie the style altogether; these include:

        • Pendants and fixtures: Hanging lighting in natural, earthy tones or materials such as wood and ceramic are a brilliant idea for this style. These unique and vintage lighting ideas by Dunelm are perfect for your new farmhouse kitchen!
        • Wall lights: These singular lights dotted around the room can create an excellent atmosphere for the social settings that this style creates.
        • A combination of lighting types: In a farmhouse kitchen, it is important to layer and create a cosy yet versatile feeling; including multiple lighting types will increase the different atmospheres possible in the room.
        • Under-cupboard lights: One of the main purposes of a farmhouse kitchen is to spend a lot of time in there, either making meals or spending time with others. This type of lighting is perfect for drawing attention to the worktops and with different coloured lights can expand on the different moods the lighting can create.

    For more kitchen lighting ideas, take a look at our previous article.

    unique hanging down lighting

    Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

    Many sinks in these kitchens are apron front; this brings more attention to them, and if they are a different colour to the rest of your kitchen can add some colour and personality! Make sure to tailor your taps to the rest of the accents in the room, such as the handles, to enhance the feeling of a tied-together space with a touch of vintage flair.

    Ceramic sinks are the most popular option for a farmhouse kitchen due to their traditional and durable nature. However, there are many other sink materials that you could choose from that fit the farmhouse kitchen style, including:

    • Fireclay: This is an easy-to-clean material that is durable with a timeless look.
    • Stainless Steel: Heat and stain resistant and also a cheaper option, perfect if you’re on a budget!
    • Cast Iron: A heavy-duty material meaning it is durable and reliable.
    • Copper: Anti-bacterial and recyclable with a unique, rustic and vintage look.
    • Stone: Rust-proof and gives a natural and earthy but glossy look.

    Shaws has some amazing sink ideas especially for farmhouse kitchen styles!
    apron front sink

    Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

    Wall decor in a farmhouse kitchen should be you adding your extra touch of personality to the room, making it feel homely and comfortable and truly yours.

    Some people opt for wooden boards with different sayings and words for a rustic touch, while others add some natural plants and flowers hung up for a more earthy feel. Antique utensils, tapestries, and art is also a brilliant way to get creative and unique with your kitchen! Perhaps even hang some copper pots, ceramic pottery or woven baskets to create texture and bring out some character.

    Our kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes urge you to remember that if you’ve chosen dark colours for your walls and furniture, stick to lighter and brighter decor to make it stand out and brighten the space!

    Take a look at Etsy for some personal and unique farmhouse kitchen wall decor!

    green traditional kitchen wall decor

    Farmhouse Kitchen Shelf Ideas

    Many farmhouse kitchens feature natural materials on display. Hence, a popular way of incorporating farmhouse-styled shelves into your kitchen is by using planks of wood, possibly oak, with raw material brackets holding them! If you need to match these more to the colour theme of your kitchen, we suggest painting them the colour of your kitchen furniture to tie the room together!

    Plants, woven baskets, china plates and hanging pottery are some of the many ways people with farmhouse-styled kitchens fill their shelves to create a homely and warm atmosphere! Maybe you could fill them with different herbs and spices or baking utensils that you have if you don’t want your kitchen supplies to be tucked away.

    Wayfair has some functional yet stylish shelves, ideal for your new kitchen.

    cooking supplies on display

    Make Way For Your New, Updated Kitchen

    Now that you know all of our recommended and favourite ideas that you could seamlessly incorporate into your new farmhouse kitchen, you can start making your ideal design come to life! No matter how complicated the style or query, our specialists at Build My Kitchen are always happy to help. Feel free to contact us for more information and to book a free consultation!

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