The kitchen is, by far, one of the most used rooms in the house, which means that finding the perfect balance between style and functionality is essential. And as we are spending more time than ever at home, creating a space to enjoy your spare time, unwind and keep yourself occupied with new recipes will play a key role in your design. Luckily, there are a whole host of fantastic kitchen trends for 2021, which will allow you to incorporate all your essential appliances while adding a personal touch. For inspiration, we’ve put together 13 of the best kitchen designs this year has to offer, all of which can be customised to you!

Best Kitchen Designs: Kitchen Trends For 2021

The revelations of the past year have meant that, for many of us, our kitchen has doubled up as a makeshift office, family social area and much more. This means that a renovation is likely to be on the cards and you have picked the perfect time as there are now tones of beautiful ranges to fit every interior design style. With many years of experience specialising in bespoke kitchens in Milton Keynes, we have worked with many clients to put their own personal twist on the latest trends, so have chosen ranges that can easily be customised. On that note, let’s take a look at our top design picks for 2021:

Purple Kitchen Design

1. Milbourne Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Alabaster, Almond, Chalk, Hartford Blue, Porcelain, Sage, Stone
Complementing Worktop: Strate Quartz Marbled White, Strate Timber Salvaged

Dove Grey Milbourne Kitchen

One of the most popular kitchens amongst our clients is the Milbourne range, which offers a timeless design that can be dressed up or kept subtle, depending on your vision. As a more traditional style, Milbourne kitchens feature classic shaker doors, which are designed with a square frame and inset flat centre panel. These are available in both light and dark shades, able to be accompanied by either marble or wooden worktops; both of which look stunning! You can find a wonderful example of a Milbourne project completed by our kitchen fitters in Milton Keynes on our case study page!

2. Mornington Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Dove Grey, Dust Grey, Graphite, Hartford Blue, Partridge, Porcelain, Stone
Complementing Worktop: Strata Quartz Snowfall, Strata Timber Salvaged

Blue Mornington Kitchen

Available in two different styles, Shaker and Beaded, the Mornington range offers complete elegance and a ‘farmhouse chic’ aesthetic. The two designs are only slightly different from one another; Beaded is more defined, whereas Shaker is smoother, but both can be personalised with a bold or muted painted finish. We love the Mornington kitchen we designed and installed for a client in Newport Pagnell, who chose a striking blue finish, complete with copper handles and accessories.

3. Clarendon Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Dust Grey, Porcelain
Complementing Worktop: Dekton Ultra-Compact Bergen Stonika Polished

Clarendon Kitchen

As an in-frame kitchen designed by Second Nature, the Clarendon range has been heavily influenced by the features of period furniture, making it the perfect choice for those with a love for an antique feel. Second Nature has cleverly chosen just two distinct colour options for this range, both simple yet sophisticated. The subtleness of the shades makes them super versatile, allowing you to add a statement through your choice of worktop and accessories.

4. Fitzroy Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Dove Grey, Dust Grey, Graphite, Hartford Blue, Partridge Grey, Porcelain, Stone
Complementing Worktop: Strata Quartz Calacotta Gold

Fitzroy Kitchen

Offering a classic styling intertwined with modern colours, the Fitzroy range allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Cabinets have a smooth paint finish, allowing you to make a statement with decorative, antique handles, such as those with a cupped design. It is entirely your choice as to whether you stick with just one colour or combine complementing shades for a more alternative look, like the example above.

5. Half Pencil & Scalloped Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Carbon, Cashmere, Chalk, China Blue, Dove Grey, Sage
Complementing Worktop: Carerra Marble, Grigio Carnico, Oak End Grain Timber

Half Pencil and Scalloped Kitchen

For those looking for brighter colour choices, the Half Pencil & Scalloped range is ideal with shades ranging from deep, intense carbon to vibrant and playful china blue. Designed by 1909 Kitchens, the range most definitely encompasses the feel of a period property, incorporating details that take us back to the Victorian era. The cabinets are incredibly detailed, allowing you to keep the remainder of the kitchen simplistic and look superb accompanied by a timber worktop.

6. Hunton Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Dust Grey, Hartford Blue, Porcelain
Complementing Worktop: Strata Quartz Marbled White

Hunton Kitchen

Another range that keeps it uncomplicated with their colour choices is Hunton, and we can most definitely see why. Offering a one-piece door design, the Hunton range is designed with a shallow centre panel, allowing for a smooth, seamless finish which looks particularly striking as an island. Their three colours can completely transform the range from traditional cottage aesthetics to a modernised townhouse while maintaining a traditional feel.

7. Ovolo Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Carbon, Cashmere, Chalk, China Blue, Dove Grey, Sage
Complementing Worktop: Ash End Grain Timber, Strata Granite Azul Aran, Strata Quartz Absolute Marbled White

Ovolo Kitchen

The Ovolo range offers a twist on the typical shaker cabinet design, incorporating additional detailing inspired by the 19th-century. This involves timeless panelling, moulded cornice and chrome handles; all brought together by the colour of your choice. Although the traditional Ovolo kitchen opts for earthy tones, there is no reason why you cannot make a statement with a china blue unit.

8. Slab Kitchen

Style: Traditional
Finish: Matt
Colours Available: Almond, Carbon, Cashmere, China Blue, Dove Grey, Sage
Complementing Worktop: Neolith Calacatta Silk

Slab Kitchen

Although many of the designs mentioned above feature decorative cabinets, our next pick, the Slab range, offers a frameless style with smooth doors. It has become one of the most sought-after designs for homeowners who adore a retro feel but are also interested in adopting the minimalist approach seen in contemporary designs. The Slab range promises a fuss-free style, ideal for creating a super sleek, clean aesthetic, allowing for complete versatility.

9. Remo Kitchen Kitchen

Style: Contemporary
Finish: Matt, Gloss
Colours Available: Alabaster, Cashmere, Dove Grey, Dust Grey, Graphite, Porcelain, Silvery Grey, White
Complementing Worktop: Start Quartz Ash Grey

Remo Gloss Kitchen

Now its time to move onto the contemporary designs inspired by European styles, starting with the slick Remo range. This range guarantees a seamless, uncluttered appearance without compromising on complete durability, able to remain in pristine condition for many years to come. The cabinet handles are cleverly integrated, making opening and closing effortless, offering utmost practicality. Although also available in matt, the gloss Remo range is, by far, the most requested by our clients. You can find two stunning examples on our projects page, both white but one complete with pink accents and another purple.

10. Porter Kitchen

Style: Contemporary, Modern
Finish: Matt, Gloss
Colours Available: Alabaster, Cashmere, Dove Grey, Dust Grey, Graphite Hartforth, Porcelain, Silvery Grey, White
Complementing Worktop: Luxury Laminate Crystal White

Porter Kitchen

A beautifully suited kitchen design for those who love modern, refined styles is the Porter range, complete with handless cabinets. Available in both matt and gloss depending on preferences, along with a range of colours, a Porter kitchen can easily be customised to fit your vision. This is ideal for kitchens of all sizes, as well as those with an island, as the smooth, simplistic appearance of units create a light, airy and spacious atmosphere.

11. Alpina Kitchen

Style: Modern
Finish: Matt, Gloss, Textured
Colours Available: Burnt Ash, Deep Oak, Mist, Natural Oak, Silver Oak, Smoked Larch Mid Oak, Smoked Oak, Tobacco
Complementing Worktop: Dekton Orix & Ash End Grain, Strata Quartz Brilliant White

Alpina Range

Design to embrace and reflect the natural beauty of organic, raw materials, the Alpina range offers the much-loved industrial style without compromising on sophistication. Even when opting for the gloss finish, you will still be able to take advantage of the unique grains of these premium doors. To add a pop of colour, you can choose between five different handle options from brass or copper to matt white.

12. Stanhope Kitchen

Style: Modern
Finish: Feature, Gloss, Matt, Woodgrain
Colours Available: Blue Canvas, Concrete, Graphite, Grey, Stone, White
Complementing Worktop: Strata Quartz Marbled White

Stanhope Range

As one of the most flexible designs, the Stanhope range offers several customisation options to allow you to piece together the kitchen of your dreams. With different classic door styles available, you can choose between panelled, arched and smooth designs, along with gloss, matt and woodgrain finishes. As for colours, many of our clients combine shades for a subtle contrast between the fitted cabinets and kitchen island, for example.

13. Unity Kitchen

Style: Modern
Finish: Gloss, Matt, Woodgrain
Colours Available: Cashmere, Dust Grey, Fjord Metallic, Graphite, Lava, Light Grey, Pure White
Complementing Worktop: Strata Granite Sinuous White

Unity Range

Last on our list, but most definitely not least, is the Unity range, designed with acrylic edged slab doors available in a gloss, matt or woodgrain finish. As acrylic is the chosen material for the Unity range, cabinets can be made to measure, making them ideal for those with a more uniquely shaped space to work with. Not only this, but regardless of the colour and finish you opt for, you can enjoy durability, thanks to the hard-wearing properties of the material.

Designing Your Kitchen Made Easy!

We hope that after browsing through the host of beautiful kitchen designs trending for this year, you are now brimming with inspiration on how to create the perfect kitchen for your home. Whether you adore traditional, modern or contemporary interior design styles, you are sure to find a range that is capable of bringing your vision to life. And if you take an interest in the features of several different styles, there is no reason why you cannot combine qualities to piece together a customised design. The opportunities truly are endless!